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“In 1985 I graduated from the school of Visual Arts and became an art teacher. I have since also developed as a designer and maker of custom-made furniture. My commissions have always given me the opportunity to create pieces in which I could fuse my own ideas with my clients’ wishes and specifications.

Extensive travelling abroad has given me great inspiration over the years and I developed a need for a more personal and freer direction in my work. Unspoiled,  wild natural surroundings and oriental designs opened up a world of new ideas, styles and topics for me. For example, working with used building materials and classical ornaments resulted in anecdotal, eye-catching and surprising panels. My present work has evolved from these.

My sculptures were inspired by horns of different animals, some large and powerful, others small and fragile. By removing them from their natural habitats and placing them on long stakes they acquire an expression of estrangement. The powerful or fragile qualities remain intact even though the horns have lost their defensive or offensive properties. Lead is the material of choice for the stakes as it weathers beautifully after prolonged exposure to the elements. Actually, the longer they are exposed to the air, the more wonderful they look.

My initial idea was to place the horns outside their natural surroundings and recreate them as a hybrid of abstract and figurative forms. However, further developments have led to a larger degree of abstraction although the horns themselves are still the starting point. This gradual process resulted in a wider diversity of sculptures. The horns, still very much present and clearly recognisable, have now become more personal sculptures and graphic designs”.