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Narrative, attractive, surprising, mysterious and extraordinarily designed (wooden) panels, freestanding sculptures and paintings form the basis of my collection.

In my work I am often inspired by my own experiences, poems and travels to Africa, for example. Ornaments and symbols from various (ancient) cultures are frequently important. Sometimes because of their meanings and at times simply as decorative elements. I then use old and weathered (building) materials, like church ornaments and scrap timber. These materials often have their own story to tell which I can elaborate on. Other materials I use are textiles, stone, lead, fabrics, concrete, copper wire, gold leaf, drawing and painting materials.

In my work are found decorative, rhythmical elements with an oriental but sometimes also Romanesque background. The four elements in the form of different kinds of gold leaf/metal, combined with the four points of the compass and running water from a well (the cosmos) also feature.

A collection of 20 similar canvasses with oriental patterns, executed in rhythmic, ever-changing unexpected combinations of very bright colours. Made after travel experiences in Egypt and Morocco where I was overwhelmed by the magnificent display of colour.

Furthermore, work is on display made of wooden panels and objects with a poetic and narrative background. By repeated use of the same materials and chance,  pieces are created which stem from architectural objects, altars, old doors, reliquaries and loam Kasbah castles”.